User Guides & Manuals

User guides and manuals come in many forms and serve diverse purposes. Policy and Procedure Manuals clearly state the rules that everyone within an organization must follow and address both the organization’s and the employees’ needs. Instruction Manuals provide a set of instructions for employees (how to carry out procedures, training, etc.) or for customers (how to use a product, how to put a product together). User Guides are documents that explain every feature and effective use of a product.

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Guides and manuals are challenging to write for a variety of reasons: the need to organize and present a lot of information, the need to write clearly and concisely, the level of detail required, and more. Yet every organization, large or small, will find itself needing to create one type of manual or guide or another at some point.

What I can do for you:
  • Help you determine the best format for presenting your manual or guide
  • Conduct interviews and gather information from your subject matter experts (SMEs) to develop content
  • Refine and work with existing content provided by your company
  • Gather and include relevant and useful images
  • Produce a manual or guide that is attractive and easy to understand and use
  • Create a document that is easily updated

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Writing Samples

  • Assembly Manual, Wall Bed Factory (Bend, Oregon)

    Step 4: Lift Right Side Panel onto its long edge (see A) and slide toward Bed Frame inserting Pivot Bar through metal plate on Bed Frame….  Step 5: Put E-clip back on Pivot Bar by sliding…

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